- Full Service Research House expertly handles a full spectrum of research areas:
from market research and politico-social surveys to strategy consultation.

  General Information
 Company History

1989  - Foundation (July 14, 1989)
1991  - Conducted Research for selecting Mobile Telecommunication Company : SK Telcomm
1992  - Monthly Telephone Tracking Survey on Social Issues (Until Now)
1993  - Associated with Louis Harris & Associates in USA (Until 1995)
 - President Election Survey for Seoul Broadcasting Services
1997  - Associated with NOVACTION, KK (Until 2002)
2000  - Certified ISO9001 Quality Control System by BSI
2002  - Conducted President Candidate Unification Survey
2003  - Exclusive Licensee of ZMET¢ē (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique) Developed
   by Prof Gerald Zaltman at Harvard Business School (Until May 2010)
2004  - Selected as a "Preferred Vendor of Gallup USA" in Korea
2005  - Started Fieldwork Cooperation with Issue & Answer in USA
   Weekly Tracking Survey on "Social Issues" for Joong-ang Ilbo
2008  - Research Partner Contact with SBS One of 5 Global Research Venders of LG Electronics

  Profile of CEO

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